Our Story

Jameson Cigar Co. began with a dream, a simple dream: to create world-class cigars and share our passion with others. Staying true to inherent old world traditions, we handcraft inspired cigars that embody our independent spirit and voice. Driven by boundless imagination and a love for experimentation we have set out to create the finest small-craft cigars and memorable experiences for our customers.

Our passion for cigars has grown to encompass those things which enrich our smoking experiences. There are few companions like a fine cup of coffee. As such, we have developed RockStone Premium Coffees adhering to the same guiding principles used to create our cigars. Each micro-roasted RockStone Coffee is fresh and distinctive for a truly original experience.

We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoy creating them!

Brad Mayo, President

Brad Mayo | President

Our Story